Adanac Electric Inc.

Health and Safety Policy

The management of Adanac Electric Inc. is vitally interested in the health and safety of every employee. Our philosophy is that the well being of our company depends on the health and safety of our workforce.


To allow us to keep our quality and production at the highest levels, we must ensure that the health and safety of our workforce is maintained at all times.


To achieve this goal, we shall endeavor to develop, implement, and evaluate our health and safety program to be as effective as possible.


We will ensure the safest possible work environment by requiring all employees receive ongoing training in health and safety, by maintaining communications between management and our staff, and by leading through actions rather than words.


The responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is everyone’s responsibility, from the president to the newly hired employee.


Health and Safety Program


Workers Shall...

  •    Work safely in accordance with the corporate health and safety policy and program, and with the project health and safety program (including the OH&S Act and the construction regulations).
  •   Report hazards or unsafe conditions to their supervisor after taking appropriate immediate action.
  • Report all accidents, injuries, and near misses to their supervisor.
  • Initiate emergency response plans when necessary.
  • Clean up their own work area at least daily.
  • Inspect PPE before use and report defects or damage to supervisor.
  •  Make sure all electrical equipment is covered, made safe, locked out and tagged, and or Danger signs posted, warning unauthorized personnel to stay out.
  • Inspect all equipment before use, and report any hazards to supervisor before commencing work.