Adanac Electric Inc.

Contact us today and have us show you how to add high quality lighting levels, while saving money on electrical costs. Our experts can help you make the best choice for your facility! The lighting in the pics below show a transformation from 400watt Metal Halide to 330Watt T5High output Fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights have no hot restrike waiting times associated with HID lighting. Lamp life exceeding 30000 hours. Low profile 3" high. As you can see they also work in high bay installs. In the bottom picture notice how bright the 330watt T5HOs are beside the 400watt Metal halide high bays

In the above picture we removed 16- 220watt Tandem 8ft T12HO light fixtures,16- 500watt quartz lights as well as 10- 400watt Metal halide low and high bay fixtures, for a total of  15520watts. in the photo below  is the same space post lighting retrofit. We installed 17- 330watt T5HighOutput light fixtures for a total of 5610watts. In addition, when we did our light meter readings, we found that the light level was 5 times brighter than the old system! As well as using only slightly more than a third of the power.

In the picture below you can see a typical stall. It consists of14- 220watt 8ft T12 High Output fluorescent lights run in tandem. as well as 16 500watt quartz flood lights an wd 3 400watt Metal halide low bays. Total light load 12280watts. We replaced all of it with 16 330watt T5HO fluorescent fixtures for a total load of 5280watts and the customer got 5 times the light level.

In the pic below we start the install of new fixtures in ceiling.

In the Picture below the produce is lit with 2 500watt quartz flood lights

Here the same produce lit under 330watt T5HO! Better light 1/3 the cost