Adanac Electric Inc.

 Single line or(one line) diagrams: Are the first place to start when performing an arc flash hazard analysis. They provide the basis for doing all other nessesary calculations! (arc flash, short circuit, equipment duty verification, protective device coordination, equipment labeling). It becomes a powerful tool to document and communicate all the information about the electrical system. We can use an existing diagram if one exists(verifing the accuracy), or we can produce one for our clients, with our software we can ensure your company is up to date with its legal compliance. We work hand in hand with Joint Health and Safety Commitees, Management and workers. Our Arc Flash safety Program is easily expandable. We can print out, up to date one line diagrams,equipment labels, live work permits and archive the information directly to your one line, helping you to manage your electrical maintenance expences. If you experience nuisance tripping of breakers, chattering contactors/relays, shortened lamp life, above average motor burnout, etc... There are an array of reasons why, but they all boil down to power quality. When you Document your electrical system properly the reasons for these issues are highlighted, leading to correcting the problems and reducing electrical bills as well as reduced maintenance fees and material costs(lamps, motors, contactors, breakers, etc..) Contact us for information on how we can help! Thank you. Stewart Voth