Adanac Electric Inc.

Wear electrical insulating gloves that are certified under ASTM D 120-02a (2006), Standard Specification for Rubber Insulating Gloves. These gloves are classified and color coded according to the various voltage ratings.

Voltage rating                            Class identifier                                    Colour code

Up to 500V           Class 00                    Beige

Up to 1000V          Class 0                     Red

Up to 7500V          Class 1                     White

Up to 17 000V        Class 2                     Yellow 

Up to 26 500V        Class 3                     Green

Up to 36 000V        Class 4                     Orange

Maintenance and use:  Electrical insulating gloves are generally soft and easily damaged by mechanical elements. Leather outer gloves are to be worn over electrical insulating gloves to provide a means of mechanical protection. To maintain electrical insulating gloves in a reliable working condition, perform an air test and visually inspect them for damage before each use and immediately following any incident where it is reasonable to suspect damage.

 Electrical insulating gloves are to be tested before first being issued for service and every 6 months afterwards. They are not to be placed in service unless they been electrically tested within the preceding 12 months